Making the city of Medellín greener


Peek Traffic and Colombia’s Civilec: making the city of Medellín greener

In Colombia´s second largest city, Medellín, over 3 million people use bikes, cars and public transport every day. For over 25 years, Medellín’s authorities have relied on Dynniq’s hardware and software to ensure organised, secure and reliable traffic control for all those pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. As the city continues to expand, we are now co-piloting new, smart initiatives with our distributor in Colombia, Civilec. With lower vehicle emissions, better traffic flow and more efficient public transport, we are working to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Medellín.

The benefits of adaptability

After a public tender in 1997, Peek Traffic, a branch of Dynniq Mobility, was contracted for traffic control in the city of Medellín. Because it would have taken a lot of time and money to completely replace the existing traffic control system, Peek Traffic offered the city an effective alternative: we adapted our equipment to the existing system, harnessing the experience of Civilec, the distribution company that had operated the system for many years. As the city grew and expanded, Peek Traffic updated intersections with open interfaces capable of connecting technology from various providers. Civilec, meanwhile, carried on with the groundwork of installing and maintaining our equipment.

From the start, this combination produced excellent results. To this day, Civilec and Peek Traffic continue to partner with Medellín to keep the city’s traffic control system up-to-date and optimised, so that everyone can use the roads safely and sustainably.

Better traffic management leads to better quality of life

Because many Colombian cities are densely populated, with high levels of traffic, vehicle emissions and noise, the government has been actively pursuing change. There is a strong focus on traffic flow, with a view to reducing emissions produced by idling traffic, encouraging bicycling by developing more and safer bike paths, and prioritising public transport in order to attract more to users. In Medellín, Peek Traffic has been contributing to this goal in several ways.

In 2013, we carried out a city-wide upgrade and installed a Remote Monitoring System (RMS). This new, integrated solution displays the real-time status of the monitored equipment at a glance, so problems can quickly be located and identified and maintenance engineers aren’t sent out unless needed. The system also gives operators the ability to control individual or groups of devices remotely, while operations can be scheduled to occur at pre-defined times of the day. In Medellín, where 480 traffic controllers handle the traffic for 670 intersections – ranging from simple crossroads to complicated roundabouts – this system has significantly improved traffic flow. Buses, especially, have benefited from the upgrade: the network of intersections is programmed to give buses priority, reducing delays and travel time for passengers.

Showcasing Smart Cities

The next step in the quest for greener, cleaner Colombian cities is to introduce Dynniq’s Smart Mobility solutions, such as GreenFlow and CrossCycle. We will do this through pilot projects that showcase how a smart traffic system works and benefits all road users. The change will start in Medellín, but thanks to the adaptability of Dynniq’s technology and the open platforms we use, local authorities, Peek Traffic and Civilec hope to see these smart solutions making roads safer and more efficient in many cities across Colombia.