Our Partner Network

Our Partner Network

Our technology makes urban travel safer, more efficient and more sustainable. We do this worldwide, together with our partners in more than 30 countries. Find out in which countries we are active and where we are looking for new partners to join forces.

Our partners

Joining forces

We have been providing our partners with reliable traffic management products for 50 years. We like to go the extra mile for our customers by combining your domain expertise with our traffic management knowledge. Together with our local partners, we enter into a dialogue with the client and ensure smooth implementation of projects. We are thought leaders in the fundamental mobility themes that concern cities these days, such as accessibility, improving traffic flow, reduction of emissions as well as safer and faster arrival times for emergency services.

We are looking for distributors

We are always looking to expand our partner network!

Does your core business consist of traffic control installations, public transport systems such as VECOM, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) or traffic management systems? Would you like to expand your business into the mobility domain?

Or do you recognize these mobility issues of the road authorities in your region or country:

  • promoting traffic flow in urban areas;
  • getting emergency services safely and quickly to the scene of an incident;
  • prioritizing specific groups of road users at specific locations;
  • allowing vulnerable road users to cross safely;
  • or reduce CO2 emissions.

Do you see opportunities for collaboration with us? Please get in touch! Together we will discover how our products and services can prepare your clients for the mobility of the future.