Tatweer MEA and Peek Traffic announce their partnership


Tatweer MEA and Peek Traffic announce their partnership

Tatweer MEA and Peek Traffic join forces to pave the way forward for traffic management and Smart Mobility services in the UAE, Gulf region and Africa


To keep up with the fast-changing global dynamics, we need to speed up the mobility transition. As characteristics of urban mobility change radically, cities increasingly adopt new traffic management and smart mobility solutions. Improving safety, solving congestions and making mobility sustainable. To further accelerate the rollout of these solutions in the Middle East and Africa, technology provider Peek Traffic announced its collaboration with Tatweer MEA one of the fastest-growing firms in the region.

The collaboration will focus on the provision of professional management and technical services and solutions in the fields of Urban Traffic Control, ITS and C-ITS. This includes the introduction of Peek Traffic’s intelligent Traffic Light Controller (iTLC) “FlowNode”. This next-generation Traffic Light Controller is designed to anticipate future requirements for cyber security, flexibility, and open standards. As well as the introduction of the Traffic Management Applications “ImFlow” and the “GreenFlow” Priority Services.

Additionally, Peek Traffic and Tatweer MEA intend to deploy a host of smart mobility solutions into the marketplace which will further improve a safe and efficient traffic flow whilst minimizing CO2 emissions.


About Peek Traffic

We are Peek Traffic. We continuously transform the traffic management industry, making traffic flows safer, more sustainable and efficient. Adopting new technologies, embracing international standards and applying a user-centered design approach, we ensure that cities around the globe are prepared for the mobility of the future. We do this worldwide, together with our local partners. Peek Traffic: the future is now!

About Tatweer

Tatweer MEA , one of the fastest-growing firms in the region, was established with a distinct operational mindset that provides a unique mirage between innovative technologies and conventional engineering science to deliver sophisticated solutions and services. Tatweer MEA is geared to lead the concession to provide a turnkey solution to bring innovation to the required services and products. Tatweer MEA draw it’s strength from investing in the right expertise forming a group of highly qualified and diverse teams that deliver a comprehensive set of tailored services.