What we do

With the ongoing urbanization and rapid increase in mobility, there is a strong need for optimal use of existing infrastructure in and between cities. Accessibility and livability of cities are fundamental themes for citizens and road authorities. Our technology offers many (new) possibilities and applications for a safe and efficient flow of traffic whilst minimizing CO2 emissions and improving air quality.

Transforming traffic management systems is vital for cities

Your city deserves the best Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Proven technologies such as cloud, IoT and sensors offer enormous opportunities to transform conventional traffic management systems to ITS ecosystems that continuously adapt to changing traffic flows and optimize the accessibility, safety and sustainability of your city.

We ensure a gradual transition to a Smart Mobility ecosystem by providing hardware and software solutions that are:

  • Adaptive: traffic management applications that continuously adapt to traffic intensity and the type of road user and are able to change policies real-time.
  • Connected: connected road users allow priority services for specific (groups of) road users as well as new insights improving road authority policies.
  • Modular: devices and applications that can easily be added to your existing systems and open interfaces for extensions and new applications in the future, based on new insights and city objectives.

With our products and services, we ensure that cities around the world are prepared for the mobility of the future.