GreenFlow for Trucks

Fuel savings, time savings and better flow

Increasingly congested cities are leading to a strong need for solutions that contribute both to economic interests and quality of life. GreenFlow is a solution that helps lower CO2 emissions, reduce noise levels, achieve better traffic flow and improve safety by getting freight vehicles out of the city faster. Because the trucks start and stop less often, this creates a smooth flow that results in reduced fuel consumption and less stress on the vehicles, while drivers are able to drive more comfortably. The municipality saves on road maintenance due to reduced stress and wear on the asphalt.

Priority services in mobility solutions for trucks

GreenFlow is a C-ITS application that provides smart support to truck drivers when navigating a route through the city. C-ITS stands for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems. GreenFlow ensures that traffic signals detect an approaching truck. The traffic control at the intersection will then attempt to give the truck an earlier or longer green light. ‘Time to green’ and ‘Time to red’ information from the relevant traffic signals also allows the driver to adjust his speed to the expected green light. This limits stopping and idiling to a minimum.

Peek Traffic’s role

Peek Traffic coordinates with municipalities, road authorities and fleet owners to establish agreements on priority for trucks and ensure that technical provisions are implemented in traffic control applications. We make sure that data communication with traffic control equipment goes smoothly. To do so, in the case of the cooperative solution we deliver the necessary Wifi-11p router and handle its maintenance. The connected solution only requires the customisation of the traffic control application, and then we manage the full service in the Cloud. In addition, we also help suppliers of fleet management systems to integrate GreenFlow into their systems.

Proven implementation

In combination with ImFlow, GreenFlow has been successfully implemented in the European projects Freilot and Compas4D. Since 2010, Peek Traffic and its partners have set up cooperative services in a number of European cities including Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Tampere, Eindhoven and Helmond. In all cases of implementation, the benefits of cooperative driving are clearly visible: cleaner and safer driving in busy city centres.

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