Smart Mobility services for pedestrians & cyclists

Making cycling and walking more comfortable and fun

Adequately facilitating pedestrians and cyclists at intersections can be a challenge. Less mobile pedestrians in particular have difficulty keeping up with the hustle and bustle of the city. Road authorities can use smart technologies to ensure that traffic can move safely and quickly. With our Smart Mobility priority services, pedestrians and cyclists receive the green light earlier and longer if necessary, so that they can cross safely.

Prioritizing specific road users

Smart technologies give road authorities the option of prioritizing specific road users on certain characteristics to create a safe, optimal traffic flow. Road users are connected to intelligent traffic control systems (iTLCs), an ITS application and a platform that connects road users to the traffic control system. This platform enables traffic lights to stay green for longer to assist vulnerable pedestrians, such as the visually impaired or people with walking difficulties, with crossing the road. The same technology is used to detect cyclists earlier in their approach to a traffic light, giving them green light faster and reducing stops and delays. This makes cycling in your city more attractive and stimulates travelers to use the bike instead of the car.

A standard extension of the ‘green time’ is usually at the expense of traffic flow at intersections. Our Smart Mobility priority service for pedestrians and cyclists offers a solution: only pedestrians and cyclists who really need it can get a prolonged green light. Smartphone applications facilitate this. The application works on the basis of GPS localization with an approach algorithm. If a pedestrian or cyclist is given priority at a specific intersection and approaches this intersection, a priority request is submitted to the traffic control system and the green time is extended. This does not require people to take out their phone and use it while riding or walking. The use of the application is completely anonymous as no identity data is linked. The app serves purely as a means of detection.

Safe and easy crossing for (groups of) cyclists

More and more people are opting for the bicycle as a healthy, environmentally friendly mode of transport. Municipalities would also like to see more bicycles and fewer cars on the road from an environmental point of view. Our priority service for cyclists makes cycling safe and fun without expensive infrastructure changes. After downloading, the app automatically activates. When a cyclist approaches an intersection, the green time is extended as much as possible or the traffic light changes to green earlier, so that the cyclist does not have to stop. The system can detect groups of cyclists, for example school students or cyclists, and if desired they are given priority over other traffic. The system can be embedded in a third party service or smartphone application.

Safe crossing for vulnerable road users

Our priority service Crosswalk is intended for people who, for whatever reason, are not able to walk quickly and have difficulty getting to the other side safely in the limited green time. By using the CrossWalk functionality on a smartphone, the technology is active without any necessary active action from the road user. By using the GPS position of the phone in a smart way, the traffic light detects that a pedestrian with the CrossWalk technology wants to cross an intersection. The time that the traffic light is green is adjusted to the speed of the pedestrian.

The advantages at a glance

  • Option to give priority to specific road users in specific places
  • Safe crossing for vulnerable groups
  • Supporting mobility of the elderly
  • No need for expensive infrastructural changes
  • One technical platform for road traffic regulation and prioritization of pedestrians, cyclists, trucks, public transport, and emergency vehicles
  • Safe, simple, and easy to use